Baked Beans Delicious hearty beans. The original recipe was from my Grandma! 
BBQ Dry rub Make up a large quantity for the summer 
BBQ shredded meat Use beef or pork. This 50 lb roasting made 20 quarts of shredded meat. 
Beans: including large amount for a crowd Pinto beans for 'refried' beans. Black beans or white navy type of beans. Make the large quantity and freeze the extras. Never buy canned beans again! 
Beef Picadillo A zesty ground beef stew of Spanish origin. Hearty and filling. The smell alone makes you hungry. This recipe filled my hotel pan. 
Beef, Roast Beef notes  
Bone Broth  
Brine for Chicken or Pork A very flavorful way to make moist chicken or pork which can be sliced super-thin for sandwiches! 
Butternut Squash Brussels Sprouts Pasta I am changing this to be a one pot pasta method! A few brave souls recommend dumping the 'cook pasta in abundant water method'! 
Cauliflower Casserole I don't know how closely I followed this recipe but here it is! 
Cheesy Vegetable Tortellini Casserole  
Chicken and Rice - Creamy option For a crowd! Makes 2 hotel sized pans. 
Chicken pasta for a crowd Baked right in the hotel pan! Serving 30. With a smaller recipe too. Use tuna for tuna pasta. 
Chicken Vegetable and Rice - Broth option With the increasing need for dairy-free options keep the freezer stocked with broth! Makes one hotel pan. 
Corned Beef  
Creamy Chicken and Rice A simple rich and creamy chicken casserole. 
Creamy Chicken Lasagne Rich creamy white sauce with a hint of Italian seasoning. 
Creamy Ground Beef A quick and easy tasty casserole. 
Dip, Artichoke-Parmesan From New Seasons 
Dip, Cheese Dip for Crackers Creamy nippy taste you won't forget! A different way to eat cheese and crackers! 
Dip, Creamy White Bean Dip Really good warm or room temperature. 
Dip, Hummus Dip A large recipe for a crowd, or just a bunch of hungry people. 
Easy Lasagne An easy way to make delicious lasagne. 9x13 pan makes 12 large or 16 small servings. 
Flour Tortillas Worth the effort. 
Gravy Good Gravy! This is really just notes. 
Ground Beef for a crowd Roasted in hotel pans. 
Ground Pork ideas Ground pork on sale at New Seasons for $2.99. 
Homemade Gorditas Easier than tortillas. Like a cornmeal pocket bread. 
Hot Vegetable Dip Serve with bread or crackers. Versatile for whatever type of vegetable you have on hand. 
Hotel pan baked scalloped potatoes for a crowd Baked in two deep sided hotel pan to serve 50-60 people 
Macaroni and Cheese Very quick and easy to make a nutritious hearty dinner. 
Macaroni and Cheese for a crowd This includes a few different methods depending on when you want to prepare it. 
Macaroni and Cheese-15qt brazier This is one pot! And it is 'for a crowd' - about 20 to 24 people. 
Meatballs Lots of soft tasty meatballs fast! Worth the effort. 
Meatloaf It's worth the pan to saute the onions. It releases their flavor and the temp of the meatloaf never gets high enough to cook them if you don't saute first. 
Mexican - Creamy Salsa Chicken for a crowd Makes 1 hotel pan of a comforting warm casserole! If you can mix the sauce in the 15 qt commercial size pan this recipe is lots of fun! 
Mexican - Creamy Salsa Chicken for casseroles Make a creamy salsa chicken and white sauce which can be used for a few different 'left-ovres'. 
Mexican - Enchiladas Made by my Uncle Jack who loves spicy food! Layered instead of being rolled. Here's my new ideas but original thanks goes to Uncle Jack! 
Mexican - Tamale Pie A fast easy way to get the taste of tamales. 
Mexican Baked Beans White baked beans to go with mexican foods, especially chicken dishes. 
Mexican BBQ Beef Bowl Warm and spicy beef with winter roasted vegetables and Salsa BBQ Sauce. 
Nacho Cheese Sauce Because I just can't buy that number 10 can from the store…ugh! 
Oat Carrot Pilaf A sweet comforting stuffing - like side dish. Allow time to soak the oats and you'll be rewarded with healthy digestion and a deep rich taste! 
Party Burgers A whole big pan of tasty hamburgers. Like little meatloaf sandwiches. 
Pizza I have made whole wheat pizza but the Bob's Red Mill Artisan bread flour is just so stretchy and makes huge air bubbles and is crispy without being hard! Worth the white. 
Pork Loin Rub/Lemon Rub for Chicken Wonderfully flavored moist pork loin roast. 
Pot Pie - Biscuit Dough Topped Baked as a solid sheet of dough, this topping is similar to pie dough. 
Pot Pie - Cornmeal Topping Homemade all cornmeal cornbread is the topping for this versatile mexican casserole. 
Pot Pie - Pie Dough Topped A thick flaky savory pie crust transforms any filling into a treat! 
Potatoes - Mashed Steamed in a hotel pan! An easy way to get a robust taste of potatoes in a large quantity. 
Quinoa Bowls I can't decide to call this a salad or a main dish! 
Rice Just rice for a crowd. 
Scalloped Potatoes Thick and creamy homemade goodness! 
Scalloped Potatoes for a crowd To make 3 hotel sized pans hopefully serving 75 people! 
Sloppy Joes for a Crowd Recipe for a 4 inch deep hotel pan of sloppy joes! Use or freeze. *This recipe is 10 lb ground beef to 1 #10 can tomatoes. Spaghetti is 1 lb ground beef to 1 #10 can tomatoes. 
Soup - Butternut Squash Red Lentil Stew Spicy and thick warming fall meal. 
Soup - Butternut Squash with beef Fragrant and warming African Spiced stew. 
Soup - Chili for a Crowd This recipe is simple but makes 12 qts in my hotel pan in my convection oven. Takes about 4 hours to make. Then allow cool-down. 
Soup - Creamy Italian Creamy, but with chicken broth. Made in my 12 qt pot but it would reheat better in the hotel pan as it is more shallow. Now you could just make it in my 15 qt brazier pan! 
Soup - Creamy Potato Chicken Try a warm bowl of this thick rich comforting soup. 
Soup - Creamy White Bean Harvest Don't forget that you can thicken soups with a Buerre Manie at the end. 
Soup - Italian Lentil  
Soup - Navy Bean Richly flavored bean soup. Freeze extra for quick homemade soup later! 
Soup - Spicy Black Bean Warm and spicy black beans and sweet potatoes in the goodness of chicken bone broth. 
Soup - Spicy Sweet Potato-Pork Stew Nicely spicy way to use left-over pork! 
Soup - Split Pea Spicy hearty soup. 
Soup - Trader Joes Pumpkin Soup My only off-the-shelf recipe. Great taste when you must cook in a hurry. 
Soup - Tuscan Lentil Copied from someone else. A work in progress. Don't forget the good idea. 
Soup - Vegetable Beef Nicely flavored hearty soup. 
Soup - White Chicken Chili  
Sourdough Noodles Makes about enough for 8 folks 
Spaghetti The basic recipe is 2 lb meat and 2 #10 cans tomatoes OR 1 qt already cooked meat from the freezer and 2 #10 cans tomatoes. Makes 14 cups of sauce. 1 cup of sauce is a generous serving with 2 or 3 oz of pasta (uncooked weight) 
Spaghetti - Fresh Tomatoes I fill my freezer with tomatoes, just as full as possible, to have enough for this recipe until next year's harvest! 
Spaghetti for a crowd - just notes 200 servings! After making this I am increasing the sauce to 3/4 c per person. 
Spinach Pie Trader Joes has phyllo dough throughout the Holiday Season. So much fun! 
Stuffing Bouncy flavorful stuffing! Begin drying the bread two nights before you want to use it. 
Texas Hash A simple spicy rice casserole. Recipe makes two casseroles. 
Thai Green Curry  
Thai Chicken Fettuccine for a crowd A beloved recipe from Carolyn from Taste of Home. 
Tomato Phyllo Pie Versatile! Use different cheeses. 
Tortellini Salad Inspired by a beautiful salad I ate at New Seasons! And thanks to Trader Joe's which has all the ingredients. I like it warm as a main dish. 
Turkey I hear everyone brining turkey but I just haven't done it yet. So I am trying to type a simple turkey method that still makes a pretty nice bird! 
Walnut Tea Sandwiches An interesting combination of cream cheese, walnuts, red peppers and onion and nutmeg. 
White Sauce for Pasta This is a working recipe I used for Juli-Scott wedding. 
Winter Vegetable Bowls Warm oven roasted vegetables in a meat gravy. 
Yogurt topped Casserole for a crowd A good topping for all sorts of vegetable-meat casseroles. 

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