Pasta - Macaroni and Cheese-15qt brazier 

This is one pot! And it is 'for a crowd' - about 20 to 24 people.

Cover and hold at 170*. Or warm it at about convection 300* until it is thickened and the noodles are cooked just right.

*You could stir in many other things after it is done too. Maybe roasted cubed squashes or root vegetables, diced tomatoes (well salted, of course), meats, etc.
In my 15 qt brazier pan melt:
1 lb unsalted butter

Whisk in:
1/2 c white flour
1 T salt
Cook and stir until the flour smells nutty and is golden brown. This gives a rich taste rather than a raw flour taste.

Stir in any vegetable you are using:
Butternut squash - roasted whole then scooped and salted to taste.
Sweet potatoes - roasted whole then opened up, scooped out and salted to taste.
Eggplant - Not peeled, just diced and salted gently. It will cook and disappear right in the macaroni and cheese as it cooks.
Tomatoes - stir in a pint of roasted tomatoes, which I have in the freezer.

Saute the vegetables.

Whisk in:
1 gallon milk
stirring often as it thickens just a little and stays smooth, not lumpy.

Stir in:
3 lb dry pasta
Put lid on and simmer gently as the pasta cooks right in the sauce and further thickens it with its starch.

Taste for 'al dente'. Season with pepper.

Stir in:
24 oz jack cheese, shredded
24 oz sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

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