Chicken - Chicken Roasted Vegetable Pasta 

Roasting your vegetables brings all the flavor of each bite of vegetable inside itself and they hold their shape in the finished pasta dish.

~Roast your vegetables

about 2 lb carrots cut small
about 1 lb brussels sprouts
Prepare then put onto a baking sheet and mix with olive oil using your hands. Scoot them around so they are in a single layer. Salt a little generously.
Roast at convection 450* about 15 minutes for the sprouts and 30-45 minutes for the carrots, turning them down to roast 350* half-way through.

Stir your finished vegetables into the pasta.

Stir in already cooked chicken OR
about 2 lb uncooked chicken sliced very small and already salted. It will cook right in the sauce.

When it is finished, stir in:
some white wine
~Make the pasta
In 5 qt casserole type pan saute:
lightly salted in
just olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan

Saute in:

When everything is nice and caramelized add:
2 sticks (1 c) unsalted butter
1/4 c white flour
Stir well while butter melts and flour cooks.

Add Spices:
2 t thyme
1 t Italian seasoning
1 t black pepper
1/4 t allspice
Saute just a minute.

milk and stir to bring it to a thick sauce.

1 lb noodles and
more milk to cover them

*Stir and cook uncovered. As the noodles begin to cook stir them to keep from sticking. After they are just a little soft they won't stick together anymore.

Keep adding milk if you need to for the noodles to have enough moisture. You can also add some chicken broth if you have it too.

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