Winter Vegetable Bowls 

Warm oven roasted vegetables in a meat gravy.

Meaty Moroccan Stew:
Saute ground lamb or pork or beef with onions. Be sure there is enough fat then saute in flour and cook to add flavor to the flour. Saute in cinnamon, coriander, cumin, tumeric, paprika, Simmer in chicken broth. Add currants or golden raisins, garlic, maybe green olives.

To easily peel butternut squash poke all over with fork. Roast about 10 minutes on the rack. Let cool enough and the skin comes right off with a knife. Scoop seeds. Cube then roast in salt and olive oil in convection oven. Roast carrots and onions in salt and olive oil.

Soak and cook quinoa.

To serve: Layer quinoa, vegetables then meat gravy into pasta bowls.

Moraccan Black Bean Stew:
Saute onion in chicken fat. Saute in spices to heighten their flavor but don't cook too long to tire them out. A spoonful of cumin, cinnamon and paprika. A half spoonful of tumeric. 1 hot pepper and garlic. About 3 T flour. Chicken broth.

Have brined black beans in salt all night long. Rinse and add to slightly thickened broth. Add two cans Trader Joe's fire roasted tomatoes. Simmer an hour or two until beans are tender.

Roast eggplant, onions and sweet potatoes.

Serve over amaranth polenta or quinoa.
Pork Gravy:
Ground pork sauteed with onions. Saute in kale. Add more fat and 1/2 c white flour. Saute to add flavor to the flour. Add broth and simmer until thick. Add 1 can Trader Joes fire roasted tomatoes.

Soak 3 c amaranth in water with a little yogurt added for about 5-8 hours. Rinse carefully. Bring 5 c water to a boil. Add salt only after cooking or grains will not become tender. Simmer about 8 minutes then let sit covered about 15 minutes. Stir in salt and butter to taste.

Roast rudabaga, onion, eggplant in salt and olive oil in the convection oven until caramelized and soft.

Layer into a pasta bowl to serve: Amaranth polenta, roasted vegetables, a spoonful of meaty gravy. Admire the warmth and beauty of the colors.

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