Chicken - Basic Roasted Chicken 

Just the basics - easy and reliable.

Rinse the whole chicken.

Cut wing tips and backbone out and keep in fridge for stock.

Break the breastbone so the chicken lays flat, and/or cut the thighs and legs from the precious white meat.

8-24 hours before you want to roast the chicken, SALT it! Roughly 1 t per pound. Sprinkle it all over the underside. Then prepare to roast skin side up. Sprinkle the top.

1 hour before you want to roast it remove from fridge and let sit on counter.

Roast at 450* 10-20 minutes until the skin is no longer pale, just turning golden.

Turn heat way down to 170* to finish roasting.

Check the temp of the breast, which should finish at 150*.
Temp can climb quickly after 130*. Watch it or slow it down.

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