Biscuits, Buttermilk Biscuits Light and nice with 100% whole grain flour! 
Biscuits, Scones For the NordicWare mini scone pan which is 8x8 by 1 inch, divided into 16 triangles. 
Biscuits, Scones (both cream/buttermilk) These have both cream and buttermilk just to be a little more healthy. 
Biscuits, Scones (with cream only) The premium scone without such an emphasis on health! Still whole grain, though. 
Biscuits, Shortcake Easier than making scones. Cut into wedges, split, add fruit and cream, top with the sugary top piece. Still beautiful! 
Bread - Quick Buns Under 3 hours to put hotdog or hamburger buns or pan rolls on the table - thanks to traditional yeast. 
Bread - White Flour Crusty Bread This dough begins very soft and wet but turns into a spongy ball with the stretch and fold process. Quite delightful to experience! 
Coffee Cake A simple soaked recipe, so be sure to start it the night before. 
Coffee Cake - Applesauce A soaked whole wheat coffeecake - truly for breakfast. This is the same as the soaked muffin recipe, only baked in cake form. 
Coffee Cake - Gingerbread Hearty, dark, spicy cake. Makes two 9x13 cakes because it can keep up to 5 days in the refrigerator. 
Coffee Cake - Pumpkin Using my own roasted pumpkin out of the freezer, this is full of good things! 
Coffee Cake - Pumpkin Custard Taken from my cast-iron skillet 'Fruit Cobbler' coffee-cake topped recipe. 
Coffee Cake - Quick stirred together This coffee cake is stirred together in the morning instead of being soaked overnight. 
Coffee Cake - Quinoa Cake Using cooked quinoa in a cake creates a satisfying moist cake. 
Coffee Cake - Soaked method Topped with the soaked crisp topping you have to mix up two doughs the night before, but it is well worth it! 
Cornbread - Northern style Rich and light but not crumbly with crispy buttery edges. 
Cornbread - Southern style If big corn taste is what you want, this cornbread's for you. Moist and full of texture yet not heavy either, just right. 
Doughnuts - Baked Cake doughnuts baked in doughnut shaped pans. 
Doughnuts - Homemade Cake A big recipe of doughnuts to freeze and fry whenever you want fresh hot doughnuts. 
Doughnuts - Rollkuchen Simple informal fried dough. 
Fermentation Notes - Soaking Notes  
Fry Bread - Cornmeal Simple puffy bread for wrapping. For breakfast with egg, cheese, avocado, bacon, onion! For dinner as Mexican! 
Muffins - Chocolate Breakfast Cake Besides muffins, these can bake in my scone pan and small nordicware bundt pan, they make nice crusty edges. 
Muffins - Everyday (24 muffins) A simple batter with options! 
Muffins - Everyday (48 muffins) Recipe doubled so you don't have to do too much math in the morning! 
Muffins - Fresh Pumpkin Made with your own roasted pumpkin. Add poppy seeds, or chocolate. 
Muffins - Oat An old recipe that doesn't soak the oats. Today I would soak the oats. 
Muffins - Pumpkin Dark spicy cake-like muffins. Rich and comforting on a cold morning! 
Muffins - Pumpkin or Banana (soaked method) Finally converted to a soaked recipe. 
Muffins - Soaked method Soaking to improve both health and flavor! These are my ideas so I don't forget all the combinations. Makes 20-24 muffins. 
Muffins - Zucchini and Applesauce More soaked options! 
Quick Bread - Banana 4 huge loaves of moist perfect bread. My original recipe was from Aunt Izzy but changed to be 'perfect'. Well here's the new version too. 
Quick Bread - Cranberry Moist bread with flavorful bits of cranberries. 

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