Baked Eggs Nice texture for a change in eggs. Quick and easy for egg sandwiches. 
Baked Oatmeal Coffeecake Baked in a cast-iron skillet - baked oatmeal topped with whole grain coffeecake and pecans. 
Breakfast Casserole - Cottage Cheese  
Breakfast Casserole - Impossible "Impossible" bisquick casserole. OR Easy breakfast casserole. 
Breakfast Casserole - Quiche A basic recipe with many variations 
Breakfast Casserole - Skillet Strata A very reliable way to make a good breakfast casserole-fast! This is for a 12 inch skillet. And for a 2 inch hotel pan serving 24. 
French Toast Try different types of breads. The flour or the increased eggs in the batter keeps it from making your bread soggy! Different breads will have different soaking times. The easy option reminds me of my Grandma dipping my french toast especially for me! 
French Toast Casserole Could be called bread pudding. Turns left over bread into a center stage breakfast! 
Fruit Cobbler - Baked Oatmeal topped Make a huge recipe of baked oatmeal but use some of it for this spectacular recipe. Use the rest for soft granola. 
Fruit Cobbler - Biscuit topped A biscuit topped cast-iron skillet cobbler. This recipe does not use a soaked batter so you can make it the same day. 
Fruit Cobbler - Coffee cake topped This is topped with a soaked muffin type batter. With many fruit options. 
Fruit Cobbler - Crisp topped Think of it like a soaked granola-nut topping. We eat it for breakfast - really. 
Fruit Cobbler - German Pancake topped German pancake meets fruit cobbler! 
Huevos Rancheros A classic Mexican breakfast, huevos rancheros (translated “ranch eggs”) are fried eggs served on hot corn tortillas and smothered in cooked salsa. When you cut into them, the egg yolks mix in with everything—the salsa, tortillas. So good! 
Morning Glories Breakfast cookies! 
Oatmeal - Amanda's Baked Oatmeal An unusual recipe like a granola cake! Serve on a plate for the healthiest breakfast cake ever! 
Oatmeal - Hot Cereal Bob's Red Mill seven grain cereal. 
Oatmeal - Rolled oats Fluffy and not sticky oatmeal. The flakes are more flavorful with the soak and they are easier to digest. But the unsoaked method yields firmer intact oats, not quite so soggy! Look to the end for Chocolate Chip Cookie oatmeal version. 
Oatmeal - Steel Cut Oats Little tender but chewy bits of oats. Sweet and satisfying. 
Omlets Be creative with what you put inside, consider the omlet as a tortilla for a low carbohydrate breakfast wrap. 
Pancakes Not a soaked recipe but these are thick and fluffy! 
Pancakes, Cornmeal Thin crispy pancakes. 
Pancakes, Cottage Cheese High protein fluffy pancakes! 
Pancakes, Fried Potato AKA Hash Browns Rinsing and soaking the potatoes removes the starch and makes crispy hashed browns that are not sticky. 
Pancakes, German AND Thin Crepes! A thick egg pancake that climbs high up the sides of the pan making crispy buttery edges. After many many years of using this recipe with 4 eggs to 1 cup milk I am changing to 6 eggs! 
Pancakes, Mashed Potato Fat crispy cakes of mashed potatoes. Use leftover mashed potatoes; you'll always make extra for this recipe. Sourdough starter option here too. 
Pancakes, Oatmeal Thick hearty pancakes. Soaked the night before for better nutrition and vibrant taste. 
Pancakes, soaked method I wish I could think of a more appetizing way to describe soaking the flour. But it turns whole wheat into smooth fluffy baked goods without the harsh texture of whole grain things. 
Pancakes, Swedish A soaked pancake recipe so it is healthy. Just a variation on the texture of a pancake. This has no leavening in it so it is not fluffy like my soaked pancakes but is thicker than a crepe. 
Pumpkin Latte Taken from my Chocolate Wonderful - pumpkin option, this makes a rich base which easily flavors lattes or steamers! 
Sandwiches - Fry Bread Wraps Don't forget to use fry bread for breakfast! 
Soaked Irish Soda Bread Both sourdough and yogurt-milk options. 
Soaked Whole Grains Bake an assortment of whole grains for a delicious breakfast or hearty side dish. Make it sweet or not. 
Syrup Oh no! You've soaked your grains for waffles or pancakes but find you are out of syrup! 
Waffles - Soaked Waffles for your wedding reception. What a happy thought! 

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