Pancakes - Fried Potato AKA Hash Browns 

Rinsing and soaking the potatoes removes the starch and makes crispy hashed browns that are not sticky.

For six hungry folks -
3 lb brown potatoes-
Wash potatoes.  Grate (with peels on) in grater. Rinse in warm water a few times until water returns clear. Soak in warm water for about 5-15 minutes. Rinse again. Can soak and rinse in the grater container using the blade as a seive. Then run drained potatoes through the salad spinner to really dry them.

In large bowl mix:
1 t salt
dash pepper
2 eggs
2 T flour together
toss with very very dry potatoes

Fry in lots of olive oil on hot griddle (375*-400*).  Roughly form into pancakes on the griddle. When thoroughly browned flip and brown other side.

Fry in lots of olive oil on one cookie sheet. Oven roast at convection 350* about 30-45 minutes. Easy and the splatters are in the oven.

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