Asian - Thai salad with lime dressing Dressing is made in the blender. 
Basic sweeter dressing Use for greens with fruit. 
Berry Salad An easy creamy fruit salad which is great for frozen berries. 
Broccoli Salad I feel like this is just a classic recipe but I'm typing it because I want to remember everything I put in it. 
Chineese cabbage salad dressing  
Cole slaw Inclucing options so I don't forget. 
Coleslaw - for a crowd From The New Best Recipes but changed to suit my ingredients! 
Cottage Cheese Jello Salad Tasty green jello with chunks of tangy pineapple and cottage cheese. 
Creamy Fruit Salad Delightfully sweetened and thickened whipping cream topping makes just the right textured fruit salad. Thank you Teresa! ***Need to refrigerate 24 hours, so plan accordingly. 
Dip - Artichoke-Parmesan From New Seasons 
Dip - Cheese Dip for Crackers Creamy nippy taste you won't forget! This base is cream cheese and sour cream with cheese mixed in. 
Dip - Hot Vegetable Dip Serve with bread or crackers. Or serve with roasted vegetables for a 'hot veggie tray'! This base is cheese, mayo, sour cream and mustard. 
Dip - Spinach Dip Fresh and packed with spinach! It is very green, since the spinach is roasted it is very soft and blends smooth into the creamy base. Add color in your chopped additions. 
Dip - Sweet Potato I had some left-over roasted sweet potato, which became my main dish for a summer meal! 
Dip - Veggie Tray Veggies Lightly blanch for a much more Veggie taste! 
Dip, Creamy White Bean Dip Really good warm or room temperature. 
Dip, Hummus Dip A large recipe for a crowd, or just a bunch of hungry people. 
French dressing  
Fresh Cucumber Salad Baby cuccumers with a brine and several hours will seem like you really worked for this salad! 
Main dish - Barley Salad A macaroni style salad with healthy barley instead of pasta. 
Main Dish - Beef pasta A flavorful change from a chicken pasta salad. 
Main dish - Pasta Salad Hearty Italian salad for a main dish. 
Main dish - Tortellini Salad Inspired by a beautiful salad I ate at New Seasons! And thanks to Trader Joe's which has all the ingredients. I like it warm as a main dish. 
Mexican Chicken Salad With cumin-lime vinegarette. I need a break from my mayo-salsa mexican salad! 
Oil and Vinegar with Parmesan Use for Italian salads especially. 
Orange Jello Salad Tangy jello, with a creamy topping, for special occasions. Makes two 9x13 pans! 
Orange Spinach Salad Dressing  
Pistachio Pudding Salad A creamy yet tangy fruit salad. 
Potato Salad for a Crowd Classic American Potato Salad from the New Best Recipes. 
Summer Quinoa Corn Salad Based on The Pioneer Woman's roasted corn salad. 
Tangy Apple Salad Fresh apples, mandarin oranges and pineapple in a tangy dressing. 

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