Apple Pies Makes two pies with a bottom crust and crisp topping. 
Cake - Basic Yellow Cake Oh, my favorite but also less forgiving than a chocolate cake. But delightful when it is just right! 
Cake - Buttercake  
Cake - Chocolate Thank you America's Test Kitchen. The most straightforward everyday cake, so I can say, "sure I'll bring a cake"! 
Cake - Classic Pound Cake Thank you America's Test Kitchen! A fun recipe to mix as you are suspending the ingredients into each other. A nice challenge. 
Cake - Cottage Cheese Cheesecake Protein boosted for a real comfort food! 
Cake - Creamy cheese cake With or without chocolate chips and raspberry jam, this is a delicious creamy cheese cake! 
Cake - Flourless Chocolate Cake Though I would call this a "Truffle Cake" as that is its texture. More like a really upper end fudge that you eat with a fork. 
Cake - Half-A-Pound Cake An interesting recipe. It takes a half a pound of butter for each cake, hence the name. Be sure to follow instructions exactly. Makes two cakes. 
Cake - Lemon Poppyseed You can also use this recipe to make an orange cake! 
Cake - Pineapple right-side-up Cake Very gooey pineapple cake with the fruit at the bottom because I don't like a soaked cake! 
Caramel Chewy rich caramel candy or caramel syrup for ice cream or cake topping. 
Caramel - cooked sugar option Doesn't require sweetened condensed milk and doesn't have the tendency to become grainy! 
Caramel Corn Crispy and chewy because of the long bake in the oven. Worth the effort! 
Cheri's No Bake Cookies  
Chocolate Fudge Pudding  
Chocolate Fudge Sauce Thick intense chocolate flavor, doesn't compare to any other hot fudge. Two different recipes 
Cookie Bars - Brookie Bars Really it is just my brownie recipe with my chocolate chip bar cookie recipe. But it is two greats put together. Thanks to my Sister-in-law for the idea! 
Cookie Bars - Brownies Perfectly moist but not gooey! Bake in aluminum pans for even baking. 
Cookie Bars - Chocolate Chip Actually this is a master recipe for any number of cookie bar bases by leaving out the chocolate chips and freezing the dough plain then adding your toppings and eating them hot from the oven! 
Cookie Bars - Gooey Chewy Oatmeal Brownie Oats and almonds add substance to chew on while you are enjoying the rich chocolate. 
Cookie Bars - Jam Bars Sweet jam sandwiched between chewy oats make these cookie bars sticky, crumbly good! 
Cookie Bars - Lemon Coconut Toffee Bars Tangy sweet lemony coconut topped bars. Easy, yet remarkable. 
Cookie Bars - Peanut Butter Soft chewy easy bar cookies! 
Cookie Bars - Traditional Lemon Baked on a half sheet pan, you'll have 48 neat little triangles of tart treats! This recipe is much more complex in order to keep the crust crisp and the topping rich tangy lemony. Thanks, New Best Recipes. 
cookie decorating icings A shiny glaze and the recipe for royal decorating icing too. 
Cookies - Basic Rolled Sugar Cookies My shortbread recipe is good but it is nice to have one with ingredients I will have on hand. 
Cookies - Butter Easy to make perfectly crispy cookies with a rich buttery taste. 
Cookies - Butter Cookie Dough Rolled out and cut out, rolled into a refrigerator roll and sliced, or used as a bar cookie. This versatile dough is easy to use and packs a surprising flavor for a sugar cookie. 
Cookies - Chewy Brownie Unbelievably chocolately chewy cookies! 
Cookies - Chocolate Chip ~ Crispy These can be made very small and will keep in an airtight container for a week. 
Cookies - Gingerbread Soft and thick cookies with crunchy frosting! 
Cookies - Kathy's Chocolate Drop I remember my mom and our family friend making these cookies. She measured the cocoa with a coffee mug, and I've never been able to duplicate her cookies until now! 
Cookies - Latvian Peppercookies Crispy and spicy dark sugar cookies. Dough is stiff and easy for children to handle. 
Cookies - Monster Richly flavored cookies that aren't too bad for you! 
Cookies - Oatmeal ~ Chewy Big Cookies Baked just until done, these cookies are moist inside but crispy on the outside, especially when they are eaten warm. If made large the texture is perfect. 
Cookies - Oatmeal Chocolate Chip This is an old recipe but still worth keeping around. Blending the oats gives you another texture option from the standard cookie recipe. 
Cookies - Oatmeal Crispies Perfectly flavored sweet crispy delightful oatmeal cookies! You can use this recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin too. And you can scoop very small for a party! 
Cookies - Perfect Peanut Butter Chewy middles with crunchy edges make this cookie really something! 
Cookies - Sand Tarts Crisp little sugar cookies that keep indefinitely in a sealed container. Makes a large recipe I wouldn't advise doubling. 
Cookies - Slow Baking Shortbread Long slow baking makes these crisp and flaky. 
Cookies - Soft Ginger With Orange Glaze Soft and delicate little round gingerbread cookies. 
Cookies - Sour Cream Sugar Perfectly flavored moist and light sugar cookies. 
Cookies - Spicy Oatmeal These tasty oatmeal cookies are soft and delicious, but they are fragile! 
Cookies - Thumbprint Basic shortbread dough with a beautiful splash of color and burst of fruit jam! 
Cookies - Toffee Squares Crunchy candy like cookies. I remember my Mom making these. 
Deluxe Shortbread Torte Cream cheese and pie filling rest on top of a richly nutritious crust of oatmeal, whole wheat flour and almonds! 
Frosting - Chocolate This recipe doesn't have any powdered sugar, but does use heavy cream! It stiffens as it cools so it is great for durability even in the summer heat. 
Frosting - Creamy Chocolate Oh my, when this is warm it is like a melted chocolate! When it cools some it is like a truffle. Don't be afraid to pile it on. You won't regret it! 
Frosting - Easy Chocolate  
Frosting - Honey Butter Just real honey, butter and vanilla! And no powdered sugar. 
Frosting - Lemon Buttercream Measure and mix carefully and you'll be amply rewarded! 
Frosting - Vanilla Buttercream  
Frosting - Whipped-Cream Frosting Super light and fluffy frosting with many variations. 
Fruit Cobbler Juicy peaches or berries under a delicate biscuit. 
Fruit Crisp A moderate amount of sweet but tangy fruit under a healthy soaked oat topping. Like a soft granola! This recipe has less nuts than the breakfast skillet crisp. But we still eat it for breakfast! 
Layered 'Wonderful' Dessert This is the traditional 'Chocolate Wonderful' expanded to pumpkin and hopefully more to come. 
Layered Wonderful Dessert (Original Recipe) Nutty shortbread crust with a white creamy layer then rich chocolate pudding or cherry pie filling and more whipping cream to top it off. 
Lemon Cream or Chocolate Cream Torte Luscious creamy lemon or chocolate pudding tops this buttery cake. 
Pudding Pudding made from unpasteurized milk. Tricky but much more healthy, even though it is a dessert! 
Pudding - Baked Custard A comforting egg custard. 
Pudding - Baked Pumpkin Custard Homemade pumpkin from the freezer made into individual half-pint jars and custard cups! Skip the soggy crust and enjoy this. 
Pudding - Custard This recipe is the simplest, and does not use sweetened condensed milk. Thanks to a helpful blog post for the convincing and thorough instructions. 
Pudding - Flan Baked custard. This one made with half and half, especially good for when you had too much 1/2 n 1/2 for the coffee at an event! 
Pudding - Stirred Custard Method This produces an intense thick pudding that is creamy beyond imagination! I love when method matters. Both Chocolate and Vanilla options. 
Rice Krispie Treats Sweet gooey crispy treats. 
Semifreddo It means semi-frozen but it is completely frozen and can be made in advance. 
Sweetened Condensed Milk and Evaporated Milk Make your own Really it is like a candy all by itself! BUT you cannot hurry this recipe! The raw milk will separate and curdle‚Ķeverytime! 
Tiramisu Dip A quick recipe thanks to Trader Joe's. 

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