Pudding - Stirred Custard Method 

This produces an intense thick pudding that is creamy beyond imagination! I love when method matters. Both Chocolate and Vanilla options.

For Vanilla pudding, just omit the chocolate and add 1 extra t of flour to the buerre manie.
Make a recipe of sweetened condensed milk (15 oz) (see recipe) in 4 qt pot.

Mix up a 'buerre manie' in a small prep bowl:
1 T white flour mixed well with
1 oz (2T) very soft unsalted butter and
1/8 t salt

Gently but thoroughly stir together
2 eggs with
2 c milk

Into hot sweetened condensed milk whisk in
1/2 c unsweetened cocoa powder.

Then whisk in the buerre manie about a third at a time.

Immediately begin slowly pouring in the egg milk mixture while whisking.

Continue to whisk and stir with a silicone scraper until it boils gently at 180* (Use the instant read. The lasar registers only 160* when the instant is 180*).

When it is thick and shiny remove from heat and stir in:
vanilla to taste and maybe
a few more grains of salt.

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