Cake - Classic Pound Cake 

Thank you America's Test Kitchen! A fun recipe to mix as you are suspending the ingredients into each other. A nice challenge.

**This recipe makes
1 9x5 loaf pan (7 1/2 c capacity) which bakes 70-80 min.
Line loaf pans with parchment but I usually leave the ends unlined.
4 mini loaf pans, which bake 40 min.
1 small bundt pan (6 c capacity), which bakes 60-70 min AND an extra custard cup - an extra blessing cake, which bakes 40-50 min.
In bosch mixer with wire whips beat:
2 sticks softened but still cool unsalted butter on #2 about 15 sec until smooth and shiny.

On speed #1 sprinkle in slowly:
9 1/3 ounces sugar, taking about 30 seconds.
Scrape sides and beat on #2 until light, fluffy, and almost white - 4 to 5 minutes. Stop to scrape down sides of bowl.

Stir together:
3 eggs AND
3 yolks - At Room Temperature
7 g vanilla
7 g water

With mixer on #2 add the egg mixture in a very slow, thin stream. Like making mayonnaise, emulsifying the liquid into the butter, Not letting it curdle but stay smooth.

Beat in 1/2 t salt

Sieve in:
6 oz cake flour IN two ounce increments
folding with s silicone scraper up from the bottom of the bowl - three increments.

Scrape batter into pans and smooth the top. Bake at 325* (NOT convection) until a crack runs along the top and a toothpick comes out clean.

Let rest in the pan for 5 min. Tip out and cool to room temp.

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