Cake - Flourless Chocolate Cake 

Though I would call this a "Truffle Cake" as that is its texture. More like a really upper end fudge that you eat with a fork.

Sized to make two 10 inch round cake pans which will bake together on one rack.

24 cold eggs in bosch

Use 8 qt pot for:
24 oz 54% cocoa bar
24 oz 72% cocoa bar
6 sticks (1 1/2 lb) unsalted butter

*this will make 40 slices
Sized for a 10 inch Round Cake Pan to serve 20.

Line bottom of cake pan with parchment round. No need to spray or anything.

Beat 12 cold eggs in bosch speed #2 with wire whips 5 minutes until volume doubles.

In 4 qt heavy allclad pot heat:
12 oz 54% cocoa solids Trader Joes Pound Plus Bar chocolate
12 oz 72% cocoa solids Trader Joes Pound Plus Bar chocolate
(Also try all 54% for just a little sweeter cake)
3 sticks unsalted butter
on 1.4 - 2.0 on my flat top range. Keep temperature below 115 degrees while melting. (I use a temp gun to measure the inside temp of the bottom of the pan). Do melt them until they are just thoroughly melted which will be 115 degrees.

Remove pot from the heat and gently fold in a third of the egg foam. Fold in half of what's left then fold in the last bit. Stir gently with a folding motion using a silicone scraper. Finish when it is totally homogeneous. Scrape batter into pan and bake.

Use convection bake 325* setting and bake the cake just 20-22 minutes until an instant thermometer in the center reads 140*. It will only have risen slightly and the edges will just be set and the top will have a thin glazed crust like a brownie.

Cool the cake in the pan and refrigerate in the pan at least overnight or for up to 4 days before eating.

When still a little cold, run table knife around edge and remove from pan, peeling off parchment and reinverting onto serving platter. I like to serve it really room temp, which will take a few hours. Slice it with a knife dipped in really hot water.

Whipping Cream to serve with it
Heavy Cream with 1 T vanilla and 1 t sugar added to each pint, either in nitrous dispenser or whipped in mixer.

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