Cake - Basic Yellow Cake 

Oh, my favorite but also less forgiving than a chocolate cake. But delightful when it is just right!

-Mix the butter into the dry ingredients one stick at a time. Mix only until just sandy and pebbly.

-Add 2 c of the wet ingredients and mix about 15 seconds on speed #1.

-Scrape the sides and middle of the bowl.

-Add the last cup and mix on #2 another 15 seconds.

-Scrape again and mix only a few seconds to get everything mixed together.

-Bake at 350* (never convection) about 35 minutes until dark golden brown and they slightly pull away from the sides.
-Bring all ingredients to room temperature (68* to be exact).
-Do not convection bake cakes! They seem to need the slower time in the oven to rise properly.
-Cut parchment rounds for two 10 inch round pans. Do not spray pans. The cake climbs the side better that way.

In bosch mixing bowl with wire whips blend dry ingredients:
14 oz Bob's Red Mill Super-fine Cake Flour
21 oz pure cane sugar
4 t baking powder
2 t salt

In 1 qt measuring pitcher beat:
1 c (8 oz) milk
8 eggs
1 oz (2 T) vanilla

1 lb unsalted butter at 68*

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