Frosting - Creamy Chocolate 

Oh my, when this is warm it is like a melted chocolate! When it cools some it is like a truffle. Don't be afraid to pile it on. You won't regret it!

In bosch mixer with wire whips beat:

5 sticks softened unsalted butter
8 oz powdered sugar
4 oz cocoa powder
pinch salt
-beat until smooth

Gently beat in:
1 T vanilla

Gently beat in:

1 whole pound plus bar of chocolate from Trader Joes (16 oz chocolate chips works too), melted and cooled slightly (85* - 100*) I used 72% but you could use the 54% or even the milk chocolate.
Until smooth and creamy.

-you may have to wait a bit before frosting the cake but be sure to frost with the frosting very soft as it really hardens up as it cools.

-It rewarms from the fridge just fine to frost with if you've refrigerated it.

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