Cookies - Kathy's Chocolate Drop 

I remember my mom and our family friend making these cookies. She measured the cocoa with a coffee mug, and I've never been able to duplicate her cookies until now!

Scoop with small scoop onto ungreased cookie sheet, 15 per sheet and bake 350* (not convection, like a cake) for 10 minutes.  Leave on cookie sheet just a minute until set then remove to wire racks to cool.

These would be very good frosted, but I probably will never take the time to frost them!  Kathy never did.
In mixer bowl with cookie paddles, beat:
3 c brown sugar
1 lb soft unsalted butter
until fluffy.

Beat in:
4 eggs

Stir together:
3 c baking cocoa
3 c whole wheat flour
( If you're not feeling like healthy
   cookies, use all white flour! )
3 c white flour
2 t baking soda
2 t salt

Add to butter mixture along with:
2 c milk
4 t vanilla
2 c walnuts, not chopped at all!

Mix all together just until well mixed, but not overmixed, like a cake. Scrape sides and mix just a few seconds more to bring it together and develop the structure.

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