Cake - Pineapple right-side-up Cake 

Very gooey pineapple cake with the fruit at the bottom because I don't like a soaked cake!

Cut up 1 whole pineapple, resulting in about 32 oz pineapple.

Lightly salt the pineapple and in an ample amount of coconut oil saute the prepared pineapple.

When it has released a good amount of liquid and you've reduced it add:
4 oz (1/8 its weight) brown sugar
more coconut oil
Saute this a few minutes until combined. Turn the heat really up to be sure to drive off all the free liquid.

a bit of heavy cream
a bit of trader joes organic corn syrup
These will keep the sauce from hardening.

Whisk and saute until it comes together and all the liquid is gone. Taste.

Spoon hot fruit into bottom of pans. Pour cake over to 2/3 full.

Bake 350* 60 minutes (never convection) until dark golden brown and firm to the touch.

Let cool 30 minutes in the pan.  

Serve it upside-down or right-side-up. The sauce did absorb into the cake even right-side-up. Still good, and if you want more of a cobbler-type fruit, see my coffeecake topped fruit cobbler in the breakfast section.
-Bring all ingredients to room temperature (68* to be exact).
-Cut parchment strips, so you have handles, for the 8 1/2 inch round pans with high sides.
-This recipe also makes 5 large cupcakes, so be prepared for that.

In bosch mixing bowl with wire whips blend dry ingredients:
14 oz Bob's Red Mill Super-fine Cake Flour
21 oz pure cane sugar
4 t baking powder
2 t salt

In 1 qt measuring pitcher beat:
1 c (8 oz) milk
8 eggs
2 T vanilla

1 lb unsalted butter at 68*

-Mix the butter into the dry ingredients one stick at a time. Mix only until just sandy and pebbly.

-Add 2 c of the wet ingredients and mix about 15 seconds on speed #1.

-Scrape the sides and middle of the bowl.

-Add the last cup and mix on #2 another 15 seconds.

-Scrape again and mix only a few seconds to get everything mixed together.

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