Fruit Crisp 

A moderate amount of sweet but tangy fruit under a healthy soaked oat topping. Like a soft granola! This recipe has less nuts than the breakfast skillet crisp. But we still eat it for breakfast!

Apple Crisp~
Juice a lemon into the 10x14 pan, taking out the seeds.
Add a big pinch of salt.
Dice the apples - With their skins on - really! Mix together and let sit to absorb the flavors.

Dot or drizzle about 1/2 c coconut oil over the apples. The oil really adds texture and richness which makes you able to add less sugar. Sprinkle with raw sugar to taste.

Keep the fruit not too crowded in the baking dish to avoid them steaming and softening too much.

Using grannies and pippins I prepped it this far and kept it in the fridge overnight. They didn't brown at all and it made for a very quick put-together.

Bake at convection roast 375* on a lower rack, to keep the nuts from browning too much, about 30-45 minutes (from cold in the fridge).
~Topping for 10x14 OR TWO pie dishes
8 oz melted coconut oil
Whisk in until smooth:
6 oz milk
1 oz yogurt

Stir in:
3 oz whole wheat pastry flour
10 oz rolled oats

Let sit on the counter 8 hours or so.

When you're ready to mix in the rest you will need to warm it up just a bit to resoften the coconut oil.

Mix in:
10 oz (2 c) pecans or walnuts, chopped
8 oz washed raw sugar
1/2 t salt

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