Soaked Whole Grains 

Bake an assortment of whole grains for a delicious breakfast or hearty side dish. Make it sweet or not.

Soak grains in water, butter, salt, and raisins (if using) 12-18 hours at room temp.  For a very convenient breakfast, soak all ingredients in oven all night in allclad pan.  Set oven to go on to convection bake 375* to bake for 90 minutes.  Breakfast is done when you get up!  For example: convection bake 375*, start time 6:30, bake time 90 minutes (done at 8:00).  Fluff up and let steam out.
5 c grains (barley, rice, spelt, oat groats)
6 c water
handful of raisins (if you want it sweet)
2 T c butter
2 t salt

Ratio: 1 c grains to 1 1/4 c water

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