Hot Cereal - Mom's Baked Oatmeal 

Such a great recipe to do different things with.

~If you want nuts, sprinkle across the top and bake. The nuts roast and become crispy as the oatmeal bakes.

~With any left-overs you can break it up and dry it out to make a granola which can keep on the counter a few days.
To that you can add dried fruit when it is done.

~Put a jar of my canned apples (skins on) into pan before the oatmeal.

~Mix in largest stainless bowl. Triple this recipe, with diced granny smith apples in the bottom, and baked in TWO 4 inch deep pans. I baked it at convection roast 350* with the LIDS ON to allow the big quantity to cook in its own steam, Just for 10-20 minutes. Then finished it with the lid off another 20-30 minutes.

Triple Recipe:
84 oz oats
78 oz milk (whey or yogurt in some portion)
24 eggs
2 T salt
2 T baking powder (I know this isn't tripled)
1 T soda
24 oz coconut oil
21 oz brown sugar
*Overnight soak:
24 oz milk
2 oz yogurt
28 oz (8 c) rolled oats
In large bowl stir to moisten oats. Cover.

*If you didn't soak it then leave out the yogurt and let oats soak up milk while you prep everything else. You don't get the full flavor and nutrition from the soaked oats, but it is still very good!

In the morning whisk together:
8 eggs
8 oz brown sugar
2 t salt

Melt and whisk in:
8 oz coconut oil

Stir into soaked oats.

Gently stir in:
2 t baking powder
1 t baking soda

Grease a large 2/3 size sheet pan with more coconut oil. Bake at convection bake 325* 15-20 minutes until golden.

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