Be creative with what you put inside, consider the omlet as a tortilla for a low carbohydrate breakfast wrap.

5 eggs
scant 1/4 t salt
dash of pepper if you want
about 2 T butter in pan

Thoroughly preheat smaller cast iron skillet with burner on low.  Make sure pan is well sprayed.  Crack eggs into stainless steel bowl (do not blend).  Beat in water and salt.  Turn heat to about #4 or #5.  Melt the butter in pan.  Pour eggs into pan and let sit until it begins to set in the middle.  Shake pan to slide omlet around.  Lift edge of omlet to allow uncooked egg to run under omlet.  When egg is cooked with just a little moist egg left on top, slide out of pan onto heated platter.  Fill with vegetables, meat with creamy gravy, cheese, etc.  And keep warm in oven while making two more omlets for the seven in our family.

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