Fruit Cobbler - Baked Oatmeal topped 

Make a huge recipe of baked oatmeal but use some of it for this spectacular recipe. Use the rest for soft granola.

If you want to soak this, follow my Amanda's Baked Oatmeal recipe. But to make in the morning here's my idea.

1 jar apples
top with the baked oatmeal and bake in 9x9 pan

I mixed up the oatmeal and let it rest to hydrate the oats about 30 minutes before I put in the powder, soda and salt. I used coconut oil to bring out the fruit taste and it was very good in the granola as well.

I baked the rest of the big double recipe on my 2/3 size large baking sheet. Then I broke it up and rebaked it until it was soft crispy. It made a soft very flavorful granola, which has eggs and milk in it.

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