French Toast Casserole 

Could be called bread pudding. Turns left over bread into a center stage breakfast!

9 x 13 pan full of bread cubes uses
12 eggs/4 c milk
2 T - 4 T sugar
1 T vanilla
1/2 t cinnamon
1/2 t nutmeg

**Use an aluminum cake pan to bake this evenly and quickly. No need to grease the pan, just use a flat bottomed turner to remove the pieces. This will bake in about 25-30 minutes.
bread cubes
Egg batter to cover:
3 eggs/1 c milk

**I like to use tougher artisan bread for this casserole. If you just cube it or even leave baguette sized to french bread sized pieces whole in layers it retains enough chew to be delightful yet soft enough to be called french toast. You don't have to dry this type of bread at all.

For best results cube breads into pan and leave uncovered all night long or about 24 hours to dry the bread some.  Or dry/toast the bread in the oven as you preheat it. Mix batter ingredients together. Pour batter over dried bread cubes. Gently press all the bread under the batter to moisten it all really well. Be sure batter mostly covers bread cubes. Let sit a little while, 15 minutes to an hour. (The original recipe instructs to soak toasted dried bread overnight to 24 hours.) Bake gently at convection 325* about 30 min to 60 min until it is set in the middle. Serve huge pieces in pasta bowls with plenty of butter and maple syrup!

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