Made from unpasteurized milk. Simple but about three days before you are enjoying some of the best yogurt you've ever tasted! And you are not eating commercial milk.

~Strain yogurt through a dish towel (rinse well and wring well first) to make it thicker. Use a 1 gal very wide mouth (a storage jar) and a strong rubber band to suspend the yogurt and allow it to drain. Rubber band the edges of the towel up or it will wick whey out of the jar. Scoop out the strained yogurt or you will pour the whey out along with your strained yogurt! Remove the towel they pour the whey into a jar.

Use the whey for pancakes - its acid content will make them nice and fluffy.

~Flavor the strained yogurt. Whisk in some vanilla first. This alone will tone down the tartness. Add sugar until it is pleasantly tangy yet yummy.

Store in jars in fridge. I think holding it another day with the vanilla and sugar will really smooth out the flavor.
Fill up to 7 qt jars with milk. Place on steam rack in steam canner. Fill canner to just above the rack.

Using just a gentle simmer bring milk to 200*. Bring the canner indicator to the green. This would be 212* steam.

Turn off, take canner lid off and cool the milk (caps on jars). This takes 3-4 hours.

This light pasteurization really makes the yogurt thicker and cleaner tasting. And it prevents curdling which is such a problem with raw milk. I think the raw milk likes time and gentle handling.

Cool to 112*-115*

Stir in culture yogurt - whole milk yogurt with cultures but without any pectin and stuff - store bought so you know all the cultures are there.

2 oz into each qt jar, whisk  thoroughly but gently.

Hold at 110* 4-12 hours. Don't giggle it. I think the long slow set makes a thicker, creamy, tart yogurt. Turn oven to warm setting. Put canner into oven and turn OFF for the night. After this 10-12 hour set, the temp is still 100*. This lower longer set is very good.

Set into fridge without giggling for a day or more before stirring.

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