Soup - White Chicken Chili 

Let the chili sit, either make early in the day so it can sit several hours, or make it a day or two early. The texture and flavors really like some time.

Trader Joe's salsa verde
sour cream
Make in 15 qt brazier pan.

Brine 3 lb pinto beans in salt water overnight. 1/4 c salt into 5 qt water.

several onions in a small amount of lard, just lightly salted (this will prevent the onions from becoming too soft too quickly.)

1/2 jalapeno pepper with seeds
mexican oregano
ancho chili powder

Stir in:
5 qts chicken broth
The soaked beans all rinsed off
more garlic, 1 whole bulb, nicked so each clove is exposed.
Taste and adjust the salt.

Simmer gently until the beans are soft.
Check for the thickness of the chili. I like it very thick so you may want to puree a small bit of the beans and broth before adding the chicken and finishings.

Stir in:
4 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts sliced very small - salted the night before
roasted poblano peppers
roasted kale
roasted diced rudabagas, maybe
any other peppers you feel like adding

Simmer only very gently until the flavors come together.

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