Pasta - Homemade egg noodles 

Simple and so good! You'll be glad you did.

Flour lightly and cover with a glass bowl.

Let rest 30 minutes to several hours to let it relax.

Roll on a lightly floured surface allowing time for it to stretch out and roll easily.

I like to make thick noodles, not paper thin ones. Cut to desired length and width with a big knife. Flour the knife so the noodles don't stick to it.

Make sure the cuts go all the way through but when the noodles stick together just throw them into your soup or well salted boiling water. They will separate right away as you stir them.

They cook rather quickly in the hot liquid.
In my bosch mixer bowl with dough hook mix:
5 eggs (or more, less won't mix well because it is too small for the big bowl)

2 c white all-purpose flour

Mix until it turns into a batter.

Add more flour just until it is a very soft dough. Scrape well to encourage it to knead as a soft lump.

Knead 2 minutes on speed #1.

Remove and lightly flour counter and knead several turns. Roll vigorously like you are making rolls until it becomes a smooth ball.

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