Soup - Creamy Harvest 

Beautiful colors of fall as you make this soul satisfying soup.

In 15 qt brazier saute:
already roasted squashes
olive oil
salt to taste
until they are very flavorful.

Scoop aside and add more
oil or butter and saute in:
1 c white all-purpose flour
whisk until smooth
Saute in:
ginger (optional)
stir into squashes.

roasted carrot
sweet potato or yam
2 qts broth
2 qts milk

Warm and season with any of these:   nutmeg, a little cinnamon, allspice, black pepper, hot pepper flakes, more salt, more butter or olive oil.

Use stick blender and adjust milk, broth, or use a buerre manie if you need to thicken and add body.

~The sweet squashes burn easily, like tomatoes. Stir often and give it time to simmer.

As a final adjustment, stir in some roasted tomato for sweetness and/or a little maple syrup.

~Remember that you can make the night before and hold in the oven at the warm setting. It is cumbersome to cool and re-warm such a large quantity of very thick soup.

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