Chicken - Chicken pasta for a crowd 

Baked right in the hotel pan! Serving 30. With a smaller recipe too. Use tuna for tuna pasta.

Roast chicken and set aside to rest and reabsorb juices. **If using boneless chicken skip previous step. Melt butter in hotel pan on 400* convection roast. Add onion and carrots. "Saute" in oven about 15 minutes until carrots are becoming tender and onion is translucent. Add garlic, salt, pepper, white pepper, pepper flakes and parsley. "Saute" again aboout 5 minutes to intensify the flavor of the spices. Add milk and dry noodles. Be sure noodles are just covered by the liquid. Cover and bake about 30 minutes to 1 hour until noodles are tender and sauce is thickened. (Add broccoli before noodles are quite done to allow time for it to cook.) Meanwhile debone and cut chicken into strips. Add chicken, cream, peas, and celery (and any other veggies such as summer squash) ***add boneless chicken cut into strips and heat just until warm and hold. Heat until chicken is no longer pink, it doesn't take very long.

*Tuna can be used instead of chicken. Cooked or uncooked.
2 sticks butter
4 onions chopped
2 lb carrots, diced
2 heads garlic, pressed
2 T salt
fresh ground pepper
1/4 t white pepper
sprinkle of red pepper flakes and parsley

1/2 gallon milk (plus a little extra milk or broth or broth/fat mixture) enough to just cover noodles

1 pint heavy cream
16 oz bag frozen peas
celery, sliced thick

Chicken 5-6 people/lb. Bought bone-in breasts and thighs. 6 lb each pan. OR use boneless about 5 lb cut into strips.

Noodles 1 oz/person (since it is a casserole). 30 oz dry noodles each pan.

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