BBQ - Sweet Potato BBQ Sauce 

Because it is always my mission to work more vegetables into our diet!

*Freeze in small enough quantities.
Saute lightly salted onion in lard.
Saute in some garlic and my BBQ dry rub to taste.

Saute in sweet potato (which has already been roasted in its skin).If it hasn't already been salted salt it now. Cook until these are cooked down and very flavorful.

Add more lard, which should make an immersion creating a smooth sauce.

Add some already roasted tomatoes (these I prepare at harvest time). Cook again until very flavorful, adding salt as needed.

Simmer in molasses.Taste.

Finish with cider vinegar to taste. I feel like that if you simmer this too long you lose the zing from the vinegar.

Blend the whole thing with an immersion blender.

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