BBQ Dry rub 

Make up a large quantity for the summer

50-60 lb beef or pork

1 c sweet paprika (or smoky paprika)
1 c ancho chili powder (make your own from dried poblano peppers or Ancho-Pasilla Chiles)**
1 c ground cumin
1/2 c dried Mexican oregano
1 c  brown sugar
1/2 c washed raw sugar (turbinado sugar)
3/4 c good sea salt (you will need to add a little salt to taste when using this rub)

2 T fresh ground black pepper
1 T white pepper
1/4 to 1 t cayenne pepper (depends on how strong it is)

Keep in a jar all summer.

To use, this quantity will flavor about 50-60 lb of beef or pork. Rub it on until it is wet looking and any more falls off.

**To make your own chile powder I used a 1 lb bag of dried peppers from Cash and Carry for about $6. Remove the stems and most seeds and blend in blender. This 16 oz package made 2 cups of powder!

1-2018 I decreased the salt from 1 c because I used too much one time and my meat was too salty. So remember that you will need to bring up the salt to taste at the end of roasting.

Also try splashing in some cider vinegar (12-16 oz) and (tomato paste and molasses) towards the end to taste. This will make it more like a BBQ sauce. Maybe add some onions cut very small as it is roasting too!
I did put the tomato paste and molasses in and I think it dulled the flavor.

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