BBQ Dry rub 

Make up a large quantity for the summer

**To make your own chile powder I used 16 oz of dried peppers from the Mexican store near me. (New Mexico chile pods, California, poblano, or ancho-pasilla chiles) The peppers should be flexible and fresh. Using scissors snip the stems and remove most of the seeds.

Open and snip into small pieces, exposing the insides as much as possible. In warm cast iron pan roast these pieces.

You will see them shrink, curl and darken. If the pan is too hot they will blacken. If too cool they will take too long to see anything. Roast until they are crispy and curled. This makes them able to grind into a powder, and increases their flavor!

Cool well and grind in electric spice (coffee) grinder.

16 oz made 2-3 cups of powder! But it sure takes a while. Allow time. Mexican food doesn't like to rush.
50-60 lb beef or pork

1 c sweet paprika (or smoky paprika)
1 c ancho chili powder (make your own)**
1 c ground cumin
1/2 c dried Mexican oregano
1 c  brown sugar
1/2 c washed raw sugar (turbinado sugar)

~I have used 3/4 c good sea salt (you will need to add a little salt to taste when using this rub) BUT now I find it useful to omit the salt in favor of using 1t/lb on the meat directly. That way you are very sure with the salt quantity. The spices have a large range of goodness. Salt does not. And I salted earlier than the rub. Seemed to be really good that way.

2 T fresh ground black pepper
1 T white pepper
1/4 to 1 t cayenne pepper (depends on how strong it is)

Keep in a jar all summer.

To use, this quantity will flavor about 50-60 lb of beef or pork. Rub it on until it is wet looking and any more falls off.

1-2018 I decreased the salt from 1 c because I used too much one time and my meat was too salty. So remember that you will need to bring up the salt to taste at the end of roasting.

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