Soup - Spicy Black Bean 

Warm and spicy black beans and sweet potatoes in the goodness of chicken bone broth.

Serve over rice or quinoa.
With fresh lemon, cilantro or parsley.
Quantity for 12 quarts - one hotel pan OR 15 qt brazier pan (hotel pan is 14 qts but 12 qts usable) (nearly 50 8 oz servings)

Brine 3 lb black beans in salt water overnight. 1/4 c salt into 6 qt water.

In brazier pan saute:
several onions in olive oil and a bit of salt

Saute in:
spoonsful of cumin
ancho chili powder
A spoonful of tumeric
1 hot pepper
Saute spices to heighten their flavor but don't cook too long to tire them out.

Saute in:
1/2 c white flour
adding more olive oil if needed. Saute until golden and cooked.

Stir in:
3 qts chicken broth
stir until smooth and creamy
Taste and add salt

Stir in:
2 qts frozen raw tomatoes
the brined beans rinsed clean

Simmer just until beans begin to soften then add:
diced sweet potatoes (not peeled)
diced eggplant also, if you have it.

Stir in:

Simmer until beans are tender and sweet potatoes are soft and flavorful, keeping the peppers brightly colored.
Taste and add any final salt.

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