I have made whole wheat pizza but the Bob's Red Mill Artisan bread flour is just so stretchy and makes huge air bubbles and is crispy without being hard! Worth the white.

Use flour to stretch it onto the pizza peel.

Heat the oven and stone very hot! 500* for as much as 45 minutes before baking.

Bake it HOT! About 8 minutes per pizza. Cool on a rack to keep the crust crispy and allow the cheese to settle in place.
Pizza dough:
Mix in bosch with dough hooks:
1360 g Bob's Red Mill artisan white bread flour (about 3 lb)
28 g salt
6 g instant yeast
1000 g water at room temperature

speed #1 mix 2 minutes
rest 5 minutes
on speed #1 mix 4 minutes
speed #2 mix 2 minutes
You may want to scrape well and mix on speed #3 a minute or so too.

Dough is very wet and sticky but it is worth it. Just put a little water into each bowl and a dribble of olive oil. Use wet hands and a silicone scraper to portion out. Then with wet hands smooth and pinch each lump, like a stretch and fold, only it is in your hands because it is so sticky. But after about 10 stretches it becomes a beautiful lump of smooth dough!

Rising in individual pizza sized portions:
Divide dough into EIGHT 10 oz balls and rise in quart jars. OR rise in larger soup bowls (covered with plastic wrap) if you have room in the fridge.

OR divide into SIX 13 oz balls for just a little thicker crusts and bigger pizzas. Rise in quart bowls.

Rising in a larger lump to be divided later (portioning the very sticky dough takes time):

52 oz (four 13 oz) rising in a gallon jar. AND 26 oz rising in larger than quart bowl. Portion out after the refrigerator rise - the dough will be much less sticky.

THEN you can freeze some of the lumps before the final proof.

Remove the dough at least 2 hours before you want to bake it. Just leave it in the soup bowls. From the jars, remove it and form into a tight ball and leave to proof in bowls. Be sure they are covered and lightly oiled on the top so they don't dry out.

This long proof really makes stretching it into pizza rounds easy and makes big bubbles in the pizza. You don't want to squash the dough. Stretch it purposefully but gently.

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