Beef - Ground Beef Picadillo 

A zesty ground beef stew of Spanish origin. Hearty and filling. The smell alone makes you hungry. This recipe filled my 4 in deep hotel pan.

*To hold this overnight for Sunday lunch, DO NOT ADD RICE. It broke down too much. I'm not sure you could add raw rice. I don't think it is worth trying, too unpredictable. Instead, add partially cooked rice in the morning, along with the raisins and capers.
Salt 5 lb ground beef early enough to let the salt disperse.
Partially cook 4 c brown rice (if not using quinoa)

In 4 inch deep hotel pan in 450* convection oven OR in 15 qt brazier on stovetop saute:
in oil or BBQ beef fat
5-10 chopped onions
sprinkled with salt

Add and saute briefly:
2 T cumin
2 T mexican oregano
1 T ancho chili powder
1 t cinnamon
1 t coriander
1 whole bulb pressed or smashed garlic

Stir in:
Previously salted ground beef

Gradually add:
2 #10 cans whole peeled tomatoes OR 6 qts raw tomatoes from my freezer.
* 5 c quinoa OR

* 4 c long grain brown rice - Partially cooked in water, otherwise it takes a very long time to cook fully in the tomato liquid.

Cover and bake about 60 minutes on convection 400* until the quinoa OR rice is done but still has a distinct texture.

Stir in
1 c raisins
Salty green olives and/OR
1 little jar drained capers from Trader Joes
season with more salt and pepper to taste

Serve with limes if I have them.

To save money you can use rice instead of quinoa.

***To add vegetables you could add sweet potatoes or rudabagas, even eggplant.

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