Pasta - Spaghetti 

The basic recipe is 1 lb meat and 1 #10 can (3 qts) tomatoes OR 1 qt already cooked meat from the freezer and 2 #10 cans (6 qts) tomatoes. Makes 14 cups of sauce. 1 cup of sauce is a generous serving with 2 or 3 oz of pasta (uncooked weight).

Don't forget to boil the noodles!
Fill the 12 qt pot 2/3 to 3/4 full of water with 2 T salt added. Bring to a boil then add 2 lb pasta. Taste to see when it is firm but done. Drain. You can leave the bottom starchy part of the cooking water if you are serving them right away. This helps your sauce stick to the noodles. But don't leave too much or you will water down your sauce.

If you are wanting to hold the noodles then drain completely and maybe even rinse them with water. This will keep them from sticking together as they cool. If they are cold when you want them you can run hot tap water over them in a sieve. Then using hot sauce, they will be just right.

*Brown rice noodles have a strange texture when cooled and rewarmed. Wheat noodles are much more reliable.

*Note on canned tomatoes - Whole tomatoes packed in their own juice have better flavor than diced tomatoes because the tomatoes are processed riper. The tomatoes that are diced would have to be firm enough to be diced then processed. So when you are going to reduce them and cook them a long time whole tomatoes are the better choice.
In large hotel pan In the oven at convection roast 450* roast (lid off):
2 lb ground beef or ground pork with
several chopped onions and
1 T salt
Roast about 30 min just until the beef is losing its pink.

Basil and Italian seasoning
2 #10 cans whole tomatoes in juice
Garlic - either pressed or a whole bulb like you do for soup.
Roast 1 hour until bubbly and juices are reducing. Use potato masher to break up meat and tomatoes.

Continue to roast until it is thickened to sit atop a beautiful pile of noodles without making a puddle of liquid.

You can hold the sauce in the oven, covered, at 170* until dinner.

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