Soup - Vegetable Beef 

Nicely flavored hearty soup.

brown rice or barley
  (1/4 c each qt liquid)
green beans
brown sugar
beef base
beef cubes
onion (keep large piece for cloves)
1qt water per 1lb beef
2 whole cloves each qt water
  (stick into large onion pieces
  for easier removal)
1/4 t celery seed each qt water
bay leaves
1/4 t pepper each qt water
1 large can crushed tomatoes in thick
            tomato puree (1 can each 2 qts water)

In large pot cook beef with onion till brown (about 30 minutes).  Add water, cloves, celery seed, bay leaves, pepper, and tomatoes.  Bring to boiling, then simmer gently about 2 hours.  Add carrots, potato, rice or barley.  Simmer gently another 1 hour until done.  Add peas, green beans, corn, salt, brown sugar, and beef base to taste.  Simmer gently about 30 minutes till spices are blended and vegetables are heated.  Total Cooking Time:  about 4 hours
***Eight quart pot:  3# beef, 1 can tomato puree, 1 c barley, 1 t pepper, etc.

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