Beans - including large amount for a crowd 

Pinto beans for 'refried' beans. Black beans or white navy type of beans. Make the large quantity and freeze the extras. Never buy canned beans again!

~If you cook onions with the beans they add flavor, but they also look grey and flubbery when you serve the beans. The flavor is fine with just salt and garlic.

Saute onions to add after the beans are cooked.

Meal ideas:
*You can mash pinto beans with the potato masher so they are like refried beans for burritos.

*With pinto beans or black beans you can add canned tomatoes, salsa, and corn to make a mexican soup.

*With navy beans you can add chicken broth and green salsa to make white chili. Thinly slice raw chicken and add to the chili at the very end and heat just until warm and no longer pink.
Ratio of salt to beans for brining is:
1 T salt to 1 lb dry beans

Large Quantity in 4 inch hotel pan:
(Makes 6 qts beans at 1/4 c serving, which is 1 spoonful, yields 96 servings.)

4 lb beans brined in:
1/4 c salt in (12 qt pot) or right in the 4 inch deep hotel pan of water overnight. Generously cover with water because you want to be sure the beans stay submerged but not to dilute the salt too much.

Rinse beans well and pick out skins. Rinse in a colander to really rinse out the grit from the bottom.

To get them cooking sooner boil water in my gallon tea kettle.

To the rinsed beans now back in the hotel pan add:
2 whole garlic bulbs nicked so each clove is exposed.
2 T salt

~To cook on stovetop use 15 qt brazier. They fit into the 12 qt stockpot but don't cook as quickly or evenly as the broader brazier or hotel pan.

Cover with (boiling) water (over the beans by 1/2 inch) and roast with the lid on until they are soft. 30 minutes on convection 500*. Then convection 350* 30-40 minutes until they are soft.

Total cook time: 1-2 hours.

Keep the liquid to reheat in then drain before transporting. OR freeze in the liquid and drain or rinse before using. This makes very clean beans that hold their shape and don't bleed their color everywhere in your recipe.

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