Beef, Roast Beef notes 

Did an Open Prarie 22 lb top round in a 10x13 dish. 30 minutes at 500* convection roast - Do NOT use the bottom rack, if you can use the next one up. The bottom got done too fast compared to the top.
Then maybe 30 minutes at convection 350* but no more! I then turned it down to convection 250* and left it too long and the whole big roast was done in about 3 hours. Its temperature rises quickly, even though it is soo big, once it starts to rise.

**Roasted Beef should lose about 25% weight when cooked. So an 8 oz serving, which is how I calculate to buy, will weigh 6 oz to serve.
Smaller 2 lb tri-tip from Trader Joes:

Salt and pepper well then - Sear well on the stovetop on all sides.
Put into the oven at convection roast 170* (ONLY) for 30 minutes. Let it pass through 110*-135* Very slowly. This little guy cooks very quickly. Give it time!

14-25 lb roast (can do about 60 lb in 4 10x14 pans in oven at one time):

Sprinkle heavily with salt and some pepper - Roast at convection 500* until outside is seared nicely. Time depends on size and number of roasts in the oven. I used the instant thermometer to roast until the outer parts were 140*. I don't want it to be higher than that. Now I need to raise the internal temp without the outer temp going any higher. That is why you have to use a lower oven temp now.

Turn oven down to convection 300* or 200* depending on how quickly you want it done (and how many roasts are in the oven). Roast until internal temp reaches 110*-120*. Watch temp closely, it can rise quickly! Rotate places as the bottom rack is significantly hotter, even with convection. Pour off any accumulated juices during this time to keep it from roasting like a covered pot roast.

Turn oven off and let rest for a few hours (if the oven could do 140* that would be ideal and you could hold it as much as 24 hours). This greatly TENDERIZES the meat to have it PASS THROUGH 110*-135* very very SLOWLY.

Turn oven back to 170* - 250* (if oven is full) and bring to 135* for some pink or 140* if you have folks who won't like it pink.

Let it rest wrapped up for an hour or more before slicing. This allows the juices to reabsorb and not release as you slice!

Can get a 14 lb roast done in about 8 hours.
Searing: 30 min
First roasting: 2 hours
First rest: 2 hours
Final bring to done temp: 2 hours
Final rest before slicing: 2 hours

Three or Four 14 lb roasts about 10 hours.
Searing: 1 1/2 hours at 500*
First roasting: 2 hours at 170*-300*
First rest: 2 hours
Final temping: 2 hours at 170*-250*
Final rest before slicing:at least 2 hours (can be in a 'cooler' if oven space is not available)

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