Thanksgiving - Gravy 

Good Gravy! This is really just notes.

This makes a fairly thin gravy. Be prepared to add a buerre manie to bring it to your final desired thickness. Or add more flour, if you have extra broth available.

For a crowd portioning:
For a modest serving of stuffing or mashed potatoes (1/2 c per person), use 1 ounce (1/8 c)
1 qt gravy would serve 32 people.
Use equal amounts of fat to flour.

In my 4 qt pot (to make 2 qts):
Melt 1 stick unsalted butter
Whisk in 1/2 c flour (white or wheat)
a few cloves of garlic (Because my Dad said it is good - and he was right.)
Salt to taste
Simmer gently about 5-10 minutes to really develop the flavor from the flour.

Whisk in broth - simmer.
Whisk in more broth - simmer.
About 6 cups broth total.
Simmer and whisk occasionally.

Whisk in milk, about 2 cups total.
Simmer again about 30 min or more to really develop the flavor and let it thicken.

Never cover while simmering. You want it to reduce just a bit as it thickens from the flour.

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