Bone Broth 

This is the basis for much of my winter cooking!

*I thought I read to roast the bones. Just leave the neck and wings in with a whole chicken or turkey. BUT I read in my "Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat" to use raw bones! The gelatin in the raw bones adds body and richness! By all means, include the roasted bones too, but try to use at least half raw.

*Whenever you have bones, keep them in a bag in the freezer until you have enough to make a broth. It doesn't really matter if you mix types of bones.

*15-18 lb (3 whole chickens) of chicken makes a full 7 qts of broth.
Cover the bones with filtered water just covering the top of them. Bring to a simmer.

Add just a little salt if your bones are not already salty.

Simmer 24 hours, pour off the broth and store in the refrigerator. Add more filtered water to the bones just to cover. Poke the bones to break them and expose the marrow. Simmer again 24 hours and pour off, poking the bones to further break them. I do this usually 4-6 times until the bones are just crumbly.

If you're not comfortable leaving it on the stovetop, put it in your oven at 170*. Or if you just can't get it at a very slow simmer, use the oven. This will ensure a nice even heat for your broth.

Salt very lightly as you put more water on each time. Taste the broth as it comes off to see how much salt you may want.

When your bones have no more flavor and you are finished simmering, squeeze them to remove all the broth. Then you will likely need to warm all your broths, including any pan drippings and any fat. Taste to see if you need just a little more salt or not. Then ladle your mixed broth into freezer containers.

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