Asian - Fried Rice 

I am sure I would offend a real asian, but I don't know what else to call this type of food - I am learning the flavor palate.

Heat the cast iron pan.
Warm a large bowl in the oven to put things in as they are done in the pan.

In plenty of oil fry a layer of rice. Add the flavorings and garlic to taste. Remove to the warm bowl. Finish frying the rice and seasoning to taste.

Fry the carrot, put a lid on for just a bit to let it steam. Salt to taste.

Briefly saute the celery and onion. Salt to taste.

Saute the broccoli stems first to make sure they are just the right crunch. Briefly add the tops. Salt.

Saute the meat and season very well. Be sure to use plenty of oil.

Lastly fry the egg, don't forget the salt.

Stir all together and splash with more seasonings if you need to.
Cook rice in salty water. 2 c rice was good for 5 servings with moderate amounts of vegetables. Turn off and let sit quite a while.

~Chop all your things:
beef or pork - I usually use left over.
Scramble some egg

~Have the flavorings ready:
sesame oil
regular yellow oil too
coconut aminos (TJ soy sauce alternative)
rice vinegar
harissa paste

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