Soup - Navy Bean 

Richly flavored bean soup. Freeze extra for quick homemade soup later!

~Would be very good with squash or sweet potato added. Pretty color too.
-14 qt brazier pot-
Brine 4 lb navy beans overnight in
1/4 c salt
Generously cover with water because you want to be sure the beans stay submerged but not to dilute the salt too much.

Rinse beans well and pick out skins. Rinse in a colander to really rinse out the grit from the bottom.

lightly salted onion
celery in oil

4 qts tomatoes from my freezer
2 qts chicken or turkey broth
salt to taste
rinsed beans

Simmer gently until done.
Thicken just a bit with a buerre manie if you desire.
Or thicken by blending some then adding it back. Don't know if it would work very well to partially blend with immersion blender. I think it would just make it gritty! Best to remove and completely blend until smooth in standard blender.

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