Yogurt topped Casserole for a crowd 

A good topping for all sorts of vegetable-meat casseroles.

4 c (32 oz) plain whole milk yogurt
12 eggs
Mix together thoroughly.
-Ground Beef Vegetable
4 lb ground beef
4 large onions
a little tomato product, fresh, paste, sauce
paprika, cumin, white and black pepper, savory
carrots, cabbage, celery, brussel sprouts

Working with the oven at about convection roast 400* in hotel pan fry ground beef with onions until beef is losing its pink. Be sure to give them a good salting and add whatever spices you may be using.  Add potatoes and whatever other vegetables you may be using. Add a little broth or water to make steam to roast the vegetables. Cover and roast until just beginning to be tender. Remove lid and make sure liquid is mostly evaporated. Top with yogurt and egg mixture and bake uncovered until lightly browned.

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