Soup - Spicy Sweet Potato-Pork Stew 

Nicely spicy way to use left-over pork!

In casserole style allclad pan saute
onion wedges in meat fat and lightly salted, depending on your meat fat and broth.

When soft add:
an orange or mandarin oranges diced very small, peels included. (if you have them OR use orange juice if you have that instead)

Saute in:
1 spoonful of freshly ground cumin
Sprinkle of black pepper

1 can diced fire roasted tomatoes from Trader Joes
diced sweet potatoes
1/4 c orange juice (if you have it, if not use the previously mentioned oranges).
A little broth or drippings if you have it. Just to soften the sweet potatoes.

When sweet potatoes are soft add:
previously cooked diced pork (leftovers)
1 can corn or 1 package frozen
garlic put through garlic press (You could saute in earlier but I think it gets lost).
Heat just until it is warm.

Serve over quinoa or rice with fresh lime juice and cilantro if you have them.

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