Soup - Chili for a Crowd 

This recipe is simple but makes 12 qts in my hotel pan in my convection oven. Takes about 4 hours to make. Then allow cool-down.

chopped peppers and continue to bake
until beans are soft and peppers are soft but still retain some shape. 60 minutes (at convection 400* downstairs oven quickly finished the chili!). Maybe want to turn oven down to convection 350* - 400* so the flavors develop.

Basic brining ratio: 3 T in 4 qts cold water at least 8 hrs.

**The chili came out of the oven at 190* (with an instant read). Leave uncovered and stir often as the goal is to only have two hours where it is cooling through 140* down to 40*. Be careful not to warm up everything in the fridge, add some blue ice. But be sure it is cool before going in since it is such a large quantity.

**Chili improves with a day or two to set. The flavors really mature, I don't know why.

**Can cook or reheat two hotel pans in my oven and two more in downstairs oven. I want to reheat all the way to 180* - 190* consistently throughout

**For 4 hotel pans I preheated the ovens to 500*. Put two pans in each oven, turned down to convection 350*. After 90 minutes pans were heated to 160*. Then convection 250* for another 60-90 minutes.

***To avoid the cooling and heating process for 4 hotel pans of chili for church, I finished it Saturday afternoon and let it cool and have a rest. Then I held it all night in the oven at 170*. It was still fresh and good in the morning. I also didn't add the freshly chopped peppers until I put it in the oven for the night. They were still brightly colored and good!

Tomato quantities:
(4 lb tomatoes in TWO Qt freezer box,  Each #10 can holds 6 1/2 lb tomatoes.)
Quantity for 12 quarts - one hotel pan OR 15 qt brazier pan (hotel pan is 14 qts but 12 qts usable) (nearly 50 8 oz servings)

Brine 2 1/2 lb pinto beans in salt water overnight. 1/4 c salt into 6 qt water.

Salt about 3 lb ground beef and refrigerate.

If using the large brazier pan, you are working on the stove-top as you normally would, but if you are doing multiple pans, you would be using the oven method.

In deep hotel pan at convection 500*
chopped onions, in lard, preferably, salted to taste, just until translucent then add:
about 3 lb ground beef, previously salted hopefully,
Saute just until meat begins to lose its pink color. Add a little of the tomatoes and break the meat up. (this keeps the meat soft) Return to the oven very briefly.

Meanwhile gather:
1/3 c ancho chili powder
2 T cumin
1 T coriander
1 T mexican oregano
Add to meat and return to convection oven 500* to saute for just a minute or two.

**  Can use my 'dry BBQ rub' spices in place of these spices. Use 1/3 to 1/2 cup and add the coriander.

2 #10 cans whole tomatoes
OR 6 qts fresh frozen tomatoes
OR make it meaty and add 2 qts beef and/or chicken drip or broth along with 4 qts tomatoes
The soaked beans all rinsed off.

Cover and bake, or simmer, about 1-2 hours (at convection 500* (especially for two pans) until beans begin to soften.

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