Beef - Meatloaf 

This is dairy-free but has sauteed bread crumbs for texture and flavor!

*Quick glaze:
1 c ketchup, 1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 c cider vinegar

Mix together in pan you used to saute onions.  Brush over meatloaves before baking.  Then simmer gently while meatloaf bakes to thicken it a bit.  Serve hot glaze with meatloaf.

*See my homemade ketchup recipe or my BBQ sauce recipe.

*Of course you can roast it with bacon on the top.

*You can add shredded cheese too.

~10 lb ground beef recipe:
30 oz bread
10 onions
garlic to taste
10 eggs
Prepare ground beef the day before: Moderately salt ground beef and let it sit overnight in the fridge to allow the salt to flavor from within.

*Ratio of bread crumbs to ground beef is 3 oz (1 c) to 1 lb ground beef.
*Ratio of eggs is 1 egg to 1 lb ground beef.
*Ratio of onions is 1/2 lb onion to 1 lb ground beef.

*To make in quantity (because it is really good left-over) Bake in 10x14 glass baking dishes - two loaves in each dish - 2 to 2 1/2 lb each loaf. 8-10 lb ground beef total in two baking dishes, which bake together on one rack. Leave room in the dish for any fat to accumulate without causing the loaves to boil in liquid, which prevents caramelizing the crust.

In large pan (15 qt brazier for 8-10 lb beef) saute:
1 onion to each lb of ground beef, lightly salted, in olive oil. When soft add more oil and saute in:

3 oz [(1 c) to each lb of ground beef] dry bread crumbs until they are a bit crispy and very flavorful. Taste to check for salt.

Sautee in garlic to taste.

In large 5 qt bowl beat:
1 egg for each lb of ground beef

Add the onions and sauteed bread

With your hands fold in:
ground beef, previously salted
and black pepper

Don't overmix as it changes the texture. (ie. Don't put it in the mixer.)

Form into two loaves in each 10x14 pyrex, 2 to 2 1/2 lb each loaf.

~Bake 8-10 lb ground beef at convection roast 400* for 30 minutes then convection roast 350* another 30 minutes.
~Bake smaller quantities at convection roast 350* about 1 hour until browned and crispy (160* - 180* on instant read thermometer). Let sit 15-30 minutes before slicing, for juices to reabsorb. To slice very thin refrigerate before slicing.

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