Beef - Sloppy Joes for a Crowd 

Recipe for a 4 inch deep hotel pan of sloppy joes! Use or freeze. *This recipe is 10 lb ground beef to 1 #10 can tomatoes. Spaghetti is 1 lb ground beef to 1 #10 can tomatoes.

Notes for a crowd:
5 servings/lb need 40 lb for 200 people
Need to roast in 4 hotel pans.

Here's what actually happened when I tried to make that much:
All 40 lb fit into two deep hotel pans to roast without anything else added. I put the BBQ spices with that. Then I added the peppers and onions to a small amt of meat and all the juice. I roasted this for awhile until the peppers and onions had released their liquid. I salted each vegetable addition. Then I scooped off the leftover liquid and reduced it on the stovetop. That way the meat and peppers didn't overcook. I added 8 little cans of tomato paste. I reduced in another pan in the oven 2 #10 cans of tomatoes until it was very thick. Then it was not quite saucy enough so I dumped in some ketchup. This made it too sweet so I gave it a sprinkle of cayenne pepperI will stir in the fresh pressed garlic at the end.
In 4 inch deep hotel pan combine:
10 lb ground beef
lots of onions, 5-10 of them!
2 c BBQ dry rub (recipe in dinner section)
Roast about 30 minutes at convection 500*.

As the beef just loses its pink color break apart and add:
1 #10 can whole tomatoes in juice
Roast again 30 min to 1 hour.
Use potato masher to break up and roast until liquid is reduced. Could be quite awhile!

Add: salt or molasses or cayenne pepper to taste

diced peppers and continue to roast

Lower oven to roast 400* or roast 350* to maintain a steady boil without burning or overcooking, until juices are reduced.

tomato paste to thicken
adjust spices

Let rest for about 15 min to 30 min to allow the meat to reabsorb the juices.

Total roasting time is about 4 hours.

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