Soup - Creamy Italian 

Creamy, but with chicken broth. Made in my 12 qt pot but it would reheat better in the hotel pan as it is more shallow. Now you could just make it in my 15 qt brazier pan!

If all 10 qts of soup will need to be refrigerated and reheated, like you are making it for Sunday dinner after church, put it into the hotel pan.

Preheat oven to 450* then put the cold hotel pan, with lid, into the hot oven and reduce heat to bake 200. This will warm it in about 5 hours so it is ready after church.
Generously salt 2 lb ground pork and set it aside to absorb the salt and season it from within.

In 12 qt pot (or 15 qt brazier) saute:
about 6 onions, lightly salted, in olive oil until they are soft and very flavorful.

rudabaga about 2 good sized, diced
1 lb diced carrot
cover and steam until vegetables are a little soft.
1 bunch diced celery
saute a bit more

the ground pork and stir well to break it up and mix with the vegetables.
A sprinkle of fennel seed.

Sprinkle in:
1/4 c flour and stir well to distribute it. Saute it a few minutes.

2 quarts broth (chicken, turkey or ham or combo)
4 diced yellow or red potatoes
1 whole garlic bulb, washed and each clove nicked.

Bring to a boil and stir in:
1 lb noodles (they cook in the broth), any type, including tortellini.

When cooked to just barely tender and the soup is boiling, you can further thicken it with a few Tablespoons of white flour mixed with olive oil to make a smooth paste. Stir it into the boiling soup and allow time for it to cook and thicken the soup.

When thick add:
1 qt home roasted tomatoes
Italian spices and basil, fresh black pepper
kale (lightly salted and massaged)
1 qt already cooked white beans

Stir in:
1 qt half-half or whole milk and heavy cream (optional but very good)

Let simmer a bit to bring all the flavors together.

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