Chicken - Chicken Curry 

My version of a comforting warm Indian dinner.

Gather the spices:
a heavy hand of cumin and
coriander in equal quantities

turmeric, mostly for color

ground fennel

black pepper
dried chilis
cayenne pepper

Heat a neutral oil (sunflower) until shimmering.
Add your spice mix all at once and saute 10 SECONDS

onions - yellow cooking
salt to taste
Cook until onions are soft and lightly browned, maybe 10 minutes.

Stir in:
garlic - twice as much as ginger
jalapeno (if you have it)
thick concentrated tomatoes
Cook just until fragrant, maybe 30 SECONDS.

Stir in previously salted chicken thighs, cut however you want them, or cut for shredding. Smaller pieces absorb the spicy sauce better than big pieces.

Cook to let the spices marry with the chicken. If it is a large quantity roast it in the oven so the heat is more even. Shred the chicken if desired, or cut a bit smaller, if you want.

~If making a large quantity to hold then reheat, hold it at this point so the spices have even more time to marry with the chicken.

Simmer in:
coconut milk to taste
coconut cream to taste

cilantro, if I have it


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