Mexican - Creamy Green Salsa Casserole 

Creamy shredded meat over a cornmeal base.

~Make Cornmeal
Boil 4 c water with 2 t salt
Stir in 2 c cornmeal (coarse or medium)
Cook until tasty.

~Make the topping
Saute onion in lard or avocado oil
Add garlic
Add red, green and red peppers
Add shredded chicken or pork
Stir in cream cheese until creamy.

Spread cornmeal into casserole dish. Spread on the creamy meat.
Pour a jar of salsa verde (esp. Trader Joe's) on top.
Sprinkle with jack or cheddar-jack cheese.

Bake until gently bubbly and cheese is melted. Let set and serve.

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