BBQ shredded meat / Mexican shredded Beef 

Use beef or pork. 50 lb raw weight made 20 quarts of shredded meat.

**Use pork butts (from Costco) for soft flavorful meat.
**Use the beef brisket from Costco, even better. Add some extra weight for the brisket because you lose in the fat which must be scooped off. (1 quart each hotel pan!)
**Use chuck, which has enough fat but not as much as the brisket. Usually you don't need to take any fat off. In 2019 New Seasons had chuck for $5/lb!
**In 2021 I used a 22 lb whole chuck roll from Sheridan Fruit (great meat market). $6.04/lb. I did not use the bbq spices but instead mixed the mexican spices without the sugars and salt. Very good.
Cut across the grain into 4-5 inch pieces:
about 15-20 lb beef or pork, with enough fat on it, into a four-inch deep hotel pan. It was very good to roast a 22 lb chuck roll in TWO pans to brown it well, then finish it covered in one 4 inch pan.

*Sprinkle and massage in BBQ seasoning until it is wet looking and no more will stick. About 1-2 cups each hotel pan. Let sit overnight in fridge.

*I used the mexican spices without the salt and sugar for Mexican Shredded Beef. I salted the meat at 1t/lb and used the spices at my discretion.

Roast uncovered at convection 450* about 40 minutes. Switch racks (if making more than one pan) and lower heat to 400* for another 30-40 minutes. ***Switch again and lower to convection 300*. Put the covers on when the meat is well-browned. Roast until it is soft tender (200* internal temp) and grain is loose.

***After the meat chunks are well-browned you can put the covers on and turn it way down to 170* if you just want to give it time without watching it.

After pulling it you can turn the oven back up until the juices concentrate and the tops brown more. Stir around so more of the top browns a little.

The whole process is completed in one daytime. The result was juicy but flavorful meat with no drippy liquid. Stir to shred and let sit 30 minutes or more until serving for the fat to reabsorb into the meat.

The shredded meat freezes well, keeps well in the fridge, and us useful for nachos, mexican casserole, on potatoes, or on buns. Serve with BBQ sauce.

**I made this then refrigerated it. I reheated on convection 400* 60-90 minutes, switching racks a few times and stirring once in a while. This heated it up to 180*. Then wrapped it all in three thicknesses of towels. This kept for 3 hours and cooled only to 140*. (safe temp is above 130*).

~When I made this without the sugar and with salt at 1t/lb it was a little salty and harsh. As I shredded it, I added pressed garlic, sprinkled with coriander and cumin. Perfect.

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